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  Although there are a number of attorneys that advertise they offer free consultations, I DO NOT offer free consultations.  Earlier in my career I did free consults, But I found that many of the people that came to see me were not interested in really retaining an attorney, just bouncing ideas off the attorney. I would have to push them out the door after two or more hours, because they had very little regard for my time. I would often see those same people in court, because I am in court all of the time, trying to represent themselves by arguing things I had suggested during the consult. Needless to say, I never saw it work out well. Since I began charging for my consult, I find that the people that I am meeting intend to really retain an attorney. Even better, most of the people that schedule a consult eventually retain me.

      If you need some basic information about the criminal justice system you can refer to my podcast at  If you need more detailed information about your specific circumstances, you can schedule an appointment anytime. The consult fee is a fixed price.  So, irrespective of whether it takes thirty minutes to understand the case and answer all of your questions or four hours, the consult fee remains the same.  The primary goal of the fee is to discern serious clients from people that have little regard for my time. 

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  • Murder Homicide
    Murder Homicide

    If you are facing charges on a murder case, we can help. Homicide or murder is considered by many to be the ultimate crime, which will likely lead to the most severe punishment, if the accused is convicted.
  • Traffic Citations
    Traffic Citations

    O.C.G.A. § 40-5-20(a) states that no person shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless such person has a valid driver’s license. Any person who is a resident of Georgia for 30 days must obtain
  • Sexual Offenses
    Sexual Offenses

    People charged with sexual assault or child sex offenses face hostile prosecutors and harsh public opinion. Most people, even some criminal defense attorneys, are only too willing to believe
  • Family Violence
    Family Violence

    Family violence, also known as Domestic violence, refers to physical harm inflicted on one member of a household or family, by another member of the same household or family (usually
  • Armed Robbery
    Armed Robbery

    In Georgia, robbery is defined as the taking of the property of another from the immediate presence of another, and is distinguished from other types of theft.

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